In 2012 HEED India started as Samarpan Charitable Trust engaging in a number of philanthropic activities with the key philosophy of 'Responsible Living', i.e., responding to the immediate and essential needs of various communities. With these efforts HEED India has reached out to schools, urban and rural communities, especially students, women, SHG groups, elderly and disabled and others aiding them in areas of healthcare, education, livelihood and so on.

Through the years, HEED India programmes have matured and are moving to a more structured approach of community development.


Every drop makes an ocean. HEED India is one such passion-driven venture that is working towards bringing about that small change to steadily reduce suffering. Join us and be the one to lend the helping hand; the one to change people's lives forever; to put a smile on someone’s face and to make the world a safer place!

Giving to charity is neither a charitable or a generous act,  it is our duty - something we owe to the society. So join us in our endeavour and experience how gratifying, enriching and enjoyable it is. Join us and revel in the Helper’s High!

A hand is all they need. What you give to the world is what you get in return.

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Sports for Every Child is a programme developed by HEED India along with a network of organised sports ventures that teach players the rules of life through positive skill building. It offers training in teamwork, goal setting, responsibility and conflict resolution.

Becoming a team player doesn't always mean breaking a sweat. In communities this programme caters to coaches and parents, teachers and youth volunteers who undergo training to encourage community participation. And sometimes even the pros get involved.

Thousands of children and youth from our partner agencies have joined the programme. Participating twice/thrice weekly for practice and competing in friendly tournaments on weekends allow these children and youths to escape their daily struggles to have fun and stay active.

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